A Mommy Belly in a Bikini?!

Okay, so it’s Summer now.  Time for shorts, flip flops (sneakers, if you’re me), tank tops.. and the BEACH!  If you’re going on vacation, the biggest worry beforehand, besides the lodging, is your wardrobe.  What are you going to wear?  Which swimsuit can you rock?  Do you even have one yet?!

The other day, I admit that I looked up “good bathing suits to wear with stretch marks on your belly,” and I ran across a blog of a MOMMY who shamed on ANOTHER MOMMY for having pride in wearing a two-piece because of the stretch marks she had on her belly.  Grrrrrr that made me SO mad – I was almost tempted to create an account on BabyCenter just to put her in her place.

First of all @anchormommy from BabyCenter, anyone can choose to wear whatever they want to wear and if they have the confidence (NOT cockiness..that’s different) to rock a two-piece with a baby belly then LEAVE THEM ALONE.  Some of you mothers were BLESSED to not get stretch marks from having children.  But look.. we were ALL BLESSED to be able to give birth, right?  So why are you at the beach worrying about what another woman is wearing?  Why are you judging someone else?  Aren’t you there to have a good time with your kids just like the rest of us stretch-mark-having-family-prioritizing-mothers are?

Ladies – mothers – gentlemen – fathers – children – EVERYBODY!  If you have stretch marks or any flaws at all in your appearance… FLAUNT IT!  Don’t be ashamed of who you are, especially not because of immature young-minded judgmental human beings – they don’t deserve your sadness and their opinion is worth nothing.

Next time I’m at the beach – I plan to wear my two-piece and people like @anchormommy from BabyCenter can count the damn stretch marks on my stomach for all I care.

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Happy Monday WP!

So, this upcoming weekend in Fairfax, VA there is something called “Celebrate Fairfax!” otherwise known as the Fairfax Fair.  It’s a fair that comes every year only for one weekend and it’s the largest fair that travels to this area.  Rides for both children and adults, games, even vendors.  Well there’s one thing that opens up on the schedule for families to do this weekend.  But what if you don’t live in this area?  What if there’s no fair coming to a city near you?  What do you do?


FISHING!  A sport that has been a family tradition since before I was even born.  That tradition has also been handed down to my son who is an AWESOME fisher!  Even night fishing is very soothing – very quiet (except for geese, who are EXTREMELY loud up until about 11:00pm).


HIKING!  Nature is so, so beautiful and I wish more people would learn to cherish our environment the way my family does.  My son loves hiking and being outside…he loves bugs, trees, water, rocks, everything about nature and it amazes me that I get to witness him following my footsteps (and sometimes leading!).  Hiking is one of the best hobbies to have and it is FREE!

PUTT-PUTT / MINI GOLFING!  A great family activity.  Mini golfing puts you in so many hilarious scenarios and it’s a great excuse to be outside during beautiful weather!  My son loves it – he’s still in that hockey phase where he kind of guides the ball the entire way to the hole but it’s okay because he’s having fun!


COOKING!  Pictured above is lime/garlic/seasoned baked chicken with a side of caesar salad (lettuce, diced red bell peppers, and caesar salad), and steamed/seasoned green beans and carrots.  The chicken is topped with crushed cilantro.  As a mommy, I LOOOOVE cooking but it is difficult because since my son was allergic to the entire world as an infant, his diet is very limited (he grew out of his allergies so he doesn’t have a taste for many things).

FOOTBALL! As a mommy, I try to balance my family, health/fitness, work, social, love life altogether.  I play co-ed flag football on the weekends, some seasons I play both Sundays and Tuesdays.  It’s a good time consumer, good exercise, good way to get injured very quickly which is actually NOT good at all but still very fun!

Thanks for reading – have a wonderful day!


DIY Carnival Party

As a mom, I start to get anxious-excited for my son’s birthday party about four months ahead of time – because I get all worked up over all of the potential DIY things and decorations and food planning that I get to encounter (trust me..I get way more excited than stressed).

Well, my nephew’s birthday party, held on May 17th, 2015, was carnival themed!  It was held in the backyard of my parent’s single family home in Burke, VA.  If you’re thinking about a carnival themed party of your child, I’d say GO FOR IT!  The planning was tons of fun, the decorating was almost as fun (everyone was so busy running out and helping my sister prepare that it was only me and her in the backyard in 85 degree weather and scorching sun putting up the tents, tables, and chairs).

Backyard Bonanza!

What you don’t see in the picture above, is that I took it from the deck – the deck was more for the dad’s, especially the VIP’s who are normally guests every weekend at my parents house.  Downstairs in the backyard was a lot crazier!  Keep scrolling/reading to see some of the cool ideas / crafts we used.

Fish Out of Water!

My son, DeAngelo, caught me a fish!  So this game was called FISH OUT OF WATER – you make a fishing pole out of a stick and a string, tape a magnet to the string and tape paperclips on all of the fishes/non-fishes (if you don’t know the rules of the game, the kids should be blindfolded unless they’re really young, then they have to fish for fishies!  BUT – gotta be careful because we threw in some shoes, animals, flowers, etc in there!).  The fishes / other creatures and things were actually hand drawn with sharpies by yours truly!  It took a very long time to cut them all out but in the end, all worth it!

Play Money!

PLAY MONEY!  The kids were all given raffle tickets at the hand-made ticket booth when they arrived; they played games and based on their skills, they won play money.  The play money was used at the end of the party to buy prizes.  I was also the creator of the play money – I simply found a template online, and cut one out.  I cut one out so that I could cut out the space in the middle where the face goes; once I printed out uncountable pictures of Kameron (birthday boy), I used the middle part that I cut out as a guide to cut out his face from his pictures.  I used a glue stick, glued his face onto a newly printed dollar, and did it about 7 more times (there were 8 dollars on one sheet of paper).  With that one sheet, my sister color copied it and used a paper cutter.  VOILA!

Yard Sale?!

My sister and her son, the birthday boy, Kameron. This rocking horse was a big hit!  It was in perfect working condition;  my sister found it a few days before that party at a yard sale for $20!  *Keep in mind: when you are planning a party or decorating any kind of event, check out yard sales and thrift stores – you’d be surprised what you could find!*


SO here are the REAL fishies!  We gave out goldfishes as a part of the goodie bags.  Also, a big hit.  Kids and their parents were so amazed and it even included instructions on how to use the food and water conditioner!

   Carnival Sign  Ticket Booth   TICKETS!

Anyways – all the kids had a BLAST!  It was really warm outside but when you’re organizing a party and entertaining your guests, temperature/weather becomes the least of your worries (unless it’s raining!).

Thanks for reading!  Have a wonderful day!

@supermomthings // Caila


What’s up WordPress?!

So, I am new to blogging – was never too crazy about it.  Then I realized how many stories I have to tell, how many experiences other mothers and young working women such as myself can relate to, and how many things I have to say that I just don’t want to bore my boyfriend with!

I guess the first thing to say is…WHERE DO I START?!  And WHAT DO I TALK ABOUT?!  These days, when it comes to social media, the most important technique to make sure you are recognized is to be relevant.  What audience are you targeting?  Because let’s be real… if you want every single kind of individual to read your blog, you’ll have to make it about something that every single person in this world wants to read.  AKA – IMPOSSIBLE!

So, if you’re just a weird teenage boy looking for some funny videos about people breaking their faces and random forest fires, please leave now…and also reorganize your life.  BUT…if you’re a female (of ANY age!) that likes DIY parties, exploring the cities around you, taking pictures because we think we’re all professional photographers, talking until you sidetrack so much that you don’t even know where you started, PLEASE STAY!  And STAY TUNED!

Welcome me to the blogging world….and hello to all of you 🙂

Have a wonderful day!